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A poem about standing up for yourself

· Empowerment

I am not the dirt on the ground to be stepped on, disrespected,

Unnoticed, not admired.

Sprayed off of a car with a hose.

I am a rose.

I am not the old doll stuck on the shelf

Only taken down when you are bored and want to play.

Casting me aside while you think it's laughable.

I am valuable.

I am not the secret to be taken to your grave.

Going out of your way for people not to know about.

Ashamed for the world to see.

I am the gallery.

I am not the mediocre being you try to paint me out to be.

Pretending you're not impressed by my accolades.

Can't be happy for me cause your failures were tragic.

I am magic.

I am no longer your woman

Used, abused, taken for granted.

Living in your Hell.

I am an angel.

© 2017 Goddess Clo

Originally written on February 9th, 2017. Revised in 2019.


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