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Vanilla Chai

A free verse poem

· Life,Beauty

Awakened by the coldness of the night,

I sought solace in my porcelain mug

Filled with vanilla chai.

Steam rises

And warms my hands.

Three sips

And warms my soul.

Liquid comfort in a cup.


But the warmth of vanilla chai

Surrounds me with loving arms.

Sweet, soft taste of vanilla

A reminder to be kind.

Spicy taste of ginger and cinnamon

A reminder that I'm sultry.

Smooth, creamy consistency

The essence of smooth jazz.

Sounds of a saxophone and piano playing in my mind

Transports me to an upscale New York jazz lounge.


I sing a tune I've never heard before.

Feels natural,



No longer cold and lonely

I'm filled with gratitude.

Had it not been for vanilla chai,

I would have not found the song in my heart,

The courage to face the night,

The beauty in myself.


I am not shaken by the coldness of the night.

© 2019 Goddess Clo

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