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What the Universe Told Me

A free verse poem

· Empowerment,Nature,Life

I walked outside

With my head hung low.

Eyes closed,

Weary soul.


By the turbulence of life.

Heart heavy as a brick.

No sense of security

From not knowing what the future holds.

But when I felt the sun embrace my skin

Like a warm blanket, fresh out the dryer,

I saw the sun through my closed eyes.

Darkness became brighter and brighter.

I heard,

"Open your eyes. This is for you."

A soft wind blew through my hair

Like the breeze dancing through the oak tree leaves.

My heart became lighter.

I heard,

"Take a deep breath. Calm your soul."

The Universe was speaking.

I listened.

I became aligned.

Like the darkness behind my closed eyes

Becoming brighter and brighter,

So will my life.

Why should I cry

When the Universe is working on my behalf?

No need to hang my head

When there is a golden crown upon it.

The Universe was speaking.

I listened.

I claimed the victory.

© 2020 Goddess Clo

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